The Basics of Small Business Branding

You own a small business and you’re doing well but recently you have noticed that your competitors have a slight edge on you. Wondering why? Chances are, it has nothing to do with your product or price – it’s the simple fact that they are more memorable than you. There are two ways that you can increase your memorability. The first is through advertising and marketing and the second is through small business branding and brand strategy. To learn more, continue reading this article. Today, we will discuss the branding basics and give you some need-to-know branding tips.

Before we discuss branding tips, let’s begin by discussing a simple question: what is branding? Think about small business branding as a definition of what the clients think your business is about. With a good brand strategy, you can easily differentiate your services or products from those of your competitors, giving you the leading edge. To clarify, let’s use a brief example. You wake up late one morning and if you don’t leave soon you will be late for work. You don’t have time to make your own breakfast but you do have time to stop for a quick drive through bite. As you are thinking about where to go, you suddenly hear “Badabababa I’m lovin it” play in your mind. Where do you head? Towards the golden arches!

Why did you choose McDonalds? You may think that it is because their food tastes great (and that can definitely be part of it), but doesn’t most fast food taste good? Most people do not realize that many of the decisions they make are based on branding. McDonalds has developed a great tag line that sticks in our heads. On top of that, anyone over the age of 3 knows what the golden arches represent. Small business branding, or the combination of a good tag line and a memorable logo, play a significant role in the success that McDonalds has seen in the past decade. By creating a strong brand strategy and developing your own tagline and logo, you too can see your business expand by making it memorable to your clients.

Let’s cover some cool branding tips to help you build a magnetic brand. First of all, there are many things that you can do to increase the successfulness of your logo and tagline. However, of all the branding tips available, there is one that stands out as the most important; small business branding alone is not enough. Once you have developed a brand strategy, logo, and tagline, you must follow through on your promises. If your tagline is “I’m lovin it”, you better keep customers loving it. You can do this through brand management. Brand management involves a great deal of things, each of which is designed to keep your customers happy and keep them remembering your brand in a positive light. Brand management can include things such as manufacturing a high quality product, keeping your prices reasonable, and providing high quality customer service.

If you own a business, small business branding will become a necessary part of attracting customers. By developing a brand for your customers, you will make your business memorable, keeping them interested and returning for more. If there is one piece of information that you should take away from branding tips it is this one; branding alone is not enough. You must also engage in brand management tactics to ensure that your brand is seen in a positive light rather than a negative one. Start developing a brand strategy for your business today and give your customers something to remember you by!

Silvia Pencak is The Magnetic Branding Expert and Mentor. For over 7 years Silvia kept building successful venues in Europe and Canada. She became known as the expert in building a powerful brand and is often asked for advice in management, marketing and organizational areas of building a powerful small business brand. She understands that the power of branding, authenticity, relationship building and marketing efforts can make or break a successful business.

Business Branding and Moving Your Business Online

If you are currently enjoying success as a business owner in the tangible world, you may also consider reaping the benefits that moving your business online can present. Business branding is crucial to anyone in an industry of selling products or services. You must develop a name for yourself in your niche. As important as developing that brand is in the business world, the virtual world must also recognize your business brand. We are living in a very virtual world. Technology is changing and growing by leaps and bounds. If you’ve ever considered moving your business online and branding your business on the Internet, then you’ve come to the right place.

First, advertising your business brand in cyberspace is not as difficult as it may seem. Business branding on the Internet can occur rather seamlessly, especially for offline business owners already enjoying success. If you have developed that perfect business branding technique, then bringing your name to the World Wide Web won’t be too trying. By following some steps, you’ll soon enjoy success in business branding online.

First, you’ll want to establish a content-rich website. You’ll want your clients to be able to reference your information easily on the Internet. By developing a web page with material that is optimized for key word searches, you’ll enjoy success. For instance, if someone types in some common search terms associated with your niche into a popular search engine like Google or Yahoo, you will want your web page to pop up first on those search engines. Of course, a content-rich website with attention to key words commonly searched in essential to making your business brand known on the Internet.

Of course, business branding doesn’t just stop with a well-developed website. Like any form of advertising, it is essential that you point your consumers to your site. There are a number of creative tactics you can use online. For example, article writing is one form of Internet marketing. By writing short articles about your niche, and submitting these articles for free to article directories commonly searched on the Internet, you can enjoy some advertising, credibility, and visibility on the Internet. When consumers search your niche, they will be able to view articles about your industry. You’ll also have a link back to your own website on every article you submit. Thus, your consumers will be able to click on the link and be taken directly to your web page. You’ll enjoy a heavier traffic volume, along with credibility. If you write enough articles, you’ll be viewed as a leader in your industry. Thus, you’ll really be utilizing some excellent business branding techniques online.

Though going online can be a little daunting for business owners used to navigating the business world offline, it is essential to get your name on the World Wide Web. Because we are living in a virtual world, where everyone seems to have access to the Internet, good business branding techniques involve learning how to utilize Internet marketing tactics. With a little practice, you’ll be enjoying success both offline and online!

Silvia Pencak is The Magnetic Look Expert and Mentor. For over 7 years Silvia kept building successful venues in Europe and Canada. She became known as the expert in building a powerful brand and is often asked for advice in management, marketing and organizational areas of building a personal and business brand. Over the years she started to notice that power of branding, authenticity, relationship building and marketing efforts can make or break a successful business.